I’m not a particularly political person nor do I care to be usually. However when reading articles, usually NYT on my phone, I get pretty peeved. Specifically relating towards American Business vs Chinese Business buyouts of companies. So we’re supposed to have free trade, and more importantly freedom of the press, but tell me why all articles and opinions on American vs Chinese business practices are all skewed in favor of American Business? Of course this is nothing new to left wingers but when a publisher is being hypocritical within a year it’s pretty pathetic. I also think publications that take into account advertiser’s interests are retarded too. Why don’t you let them write all your articles for you then, you obviously have very little original content, just publish all press releases, you can save some money and bullshit writers.

But here is a specific instance where I think the New York Times and other news outlets that skew towards American Business are retarded. Last few years several large Chinese companies tried to buy out some failing American companies, Haier tried to buy Maytag and a state owned entity tried to buy Chevron, however both attempts were blocked. Haier’s bids were actually higher than other offers and that buyout was still rejected. See article from Forbes. Now just yesterday I read an article where China was criticized on denying a buyout of a domestic juice company by Coca Cola. See article. The tone of writing however is very anti foreign, and did we not forget that America repeatedly denies similar bids? It’s as if a major travesty happened and the Chinese are being commies once again. Give me a break they are just looking out for their best interest the same way Congress does with tariffs and quotas. Bullshit, and can the press stop making asians look like Fu Man Chu all the damn time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love America and I am an American citizen. But I don’t enjoy it when the press skew stories to make American Business look like saints and all other foreign business is evil and trying to take over American companies, when the ones most guilty are ourselves. Especially in light of the current economic situation which seems to be a direct result of lots of American business culture, ethic and practice, I see many things that can be gained from learning business practices from different cultures.

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